The world’s first Collision Alert System
for the driver behind you.
The world’s first Collision Alert System
for the driver behind you.

Completely Stick-On

Activates on Hard Braking

Ultra-bright, Pulsing LEDs

Drivers React up to 50% Faster.**

Every 9 minutes, a truck is rear-ended.*** Your drivers are focused, but it’s the distracted drivers behind them that endanger safety.

Safety for Your Drivers

The life-saving technology behind Tailbone is supported by the NHTSA and used by manufacturers such as Mercedes-Benz, Volvo, and BMW. It prevents up to 50% of hard-braking crashes.* Now, for the first time, you can simply stick it to your vehicles.

How It Works


Stick Tailbone to the back of your vehicles.                         


The motion-sensor activates on hard braking.                         


Drivers react up to 50% faster, keeping your fleet safe.

“The only way to prevent a nuclear verdict… is to prevent the crash from ever happening.”

Activates on Hard Braking

When your drivers brake quickly, Tailbone illuminates. These lights make following drivers react up to 50% faster,** when you need it most.

Hazard Mode

When parked in a dangerous location, press the Hazard button. The resulting signal is 3x as visible** as normal hazard lights.

Completely Wire-Free

Tailbone can be installed horizontally, vertically, and universally on any vehicle with a flat, rear surface.

Easy to Install
With the stick-on installation, there is no downtime. Your tech can install it faster than you can sign in to your ELD.
Legal Nationwide
Tailbone meets the standards set by the NHTSA, FMCSA, and state Departments of Transportation.

Protect Your Fleet with Tailbone

Keep your drivers safe, deliver without incident, and avoid nuclear verdicts. Get a quick, 15-minute demo by filling out this form:


Warning: There is no substitute for safe driving. Tailbone™ is a supplemental brake light and not a replacement for required brake lights. There is no safety product that can prevent every rear-end collision. Referenced facts refer to findings from professional studies on Tailbone’s underlying technology. See the footnotes for the complete studies.

** Wierwille, Walter W., Llaneras, Robert E., and Neurauter, M. Lucas. “Evaluation of Enhanced Brake Lights Using Surrogate Safety Metrics.” National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, April 2009, p51.

*** Blower, Daniel, Green, Paul E., and Matteson, Anne. “Bus Operator Types and Driver Factors in Fatal Bus Crashes.” University of Michigan Transportation Research Institute. June 2008, p1.

* Lee, Suzanne E.; Llaneras, Eddy; Klauer, Sheila; Sudweeks, Jeremy. “Analyses of Rear-End Crashes and Near-Crashes” National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, October 2007 p xxi.