The Collision Alert System for the driver behind you.

Ultra-Bright, Pulsing LEDs

Drivers React 50% Faster**

Easy Install

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How It Works

1. Stick on

Our patented technology is completely wire-free. Simply stick it to your rear window.

2. Brake Hard

The motion sensor activates the ultra-bright, pulsing LEDs.

3. Protect

These specialized lights make drivers react up to 50% faster.** It helps keep your loved ones safe on the road.

Drivers React up to 50% Faster

Activates on Hard Braking

This means it’s never annoying and activates when you need it most. Drivers react up to 50% faster.*

Completely Wire-free

Impulse is universal and attaches to nearly any vehicle with a rear window. The only exceptions are convertibles and rear windows that slide like side windows.

4-Year Battery Life

The premium battery lasts the life of the product, rated to be 4 years for the average car.

Legal Nationwide

It uses the same technology that Volvo and BMW use, except now you can simply stick it to your window.

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Safety on your next road trip

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Warning: There is no substitute for safe driving. Impulse™ is a supplemental brake light and not a replacement for required brake lights. There is no safety product that can prevent every rear-end collision. Referenced facts refer to findings from professional studies on Impulse’s underlying technology. See the footnotes for the complete studies.

** Wierwille, Walter W., Llaneras, Robert E., and Neurauter, M. Lucas. “Evaluation of Enhanced Brake Lights Using Surrogate Safety Metrics.” National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, April 2009, p51.

*** Blower, Daniel, Green, Paul E., and Matteson, Anne. “Bus Operator Types and Driver Factors in Fatal Bus Crashes.” University of Michigan Transportation Research Institute. June 2008, p1.

* Lee, Suzanne E.; Llaneras, Eddy; Klauer, Sheila; Sudweeks, Jeremy. “Analyses of Rear-End Crashes and Near-Crashes” National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, October 2007 p xxi.