Celebrating National Truck Driver Appreciation Week

Celebrating National Truck Driver Appreciation Week

The United States celebrates National Truck Driver Appreciation Week (NTDAW) during the second week of September. This year, September 12 – 18, we would like to recognize and honor the millions of men and women who make our daily life possible. Take a moment to learn about our nation’s truck drivers and how you can show your support! 



While truck driving is a demanding job no matter the circumstances, COVID-19 created more challenges that our drivers overcame. While many employees began working from home, that was not an option for our country’s truck drivers. They worked tirelessly to provide food, fuel, medicine, vaccines and basic necessities to your neighborhood. All of this was done while restaurants closed their doors and left truck drivers with very limited options to dine or even access showers/restrooms. 

Truck drivers keep our communities running smoothly. Without them, modern life would not be possible. It is important to recognize their sacrifice and efforts.


There are many ways to show your appreciation for truck drivers. Many businesses and organizations are offering special deals to truckers to show appreciation for their hard work. These are a few ideas that anyone can do:

  • Do you know a trucker? Send a thank you card for their hard work and dedication!
  • Post on social media using hashtags like #TruckerAppreciationWeek, #NTDAW and #ThankaTrucker to write a supportive message
  • On a road trip? Invite your kids to give the special signal asking truck drivers to honk their horn. This little action can brighten a drivers day.
  • Hang a banner or poster where freight and passenger vehicles can see.
  • Finally, when sharing the road with truckers, be mindful of their vehicles’ power. They need extra space to maneuver and it’ll help everyone get home safe and sound.

How are you celebrating National Truck Driver Appreciation Week?

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