Best Car Accessories for Grads off to College

Best Car Accessories for Grads off to College

School is back in session and the class of 2021 is off to college. No matter if your student is commuting to class or living on campus, having them prepared is key. They will stock up on essentials like shower shoes and new sheets, but what about their car? Today, we will share our top 5 accessories that new grads need to have as they venture off to college.

1. Impulse

Today’s drivers are distracted. Keep your student safe by simply installing Impulse, the world’s first Collision Alert System for the driver behind you. When you stop quickly, the built-in motion sensor activates the ultra-bright, pulsing lights. Following drivers react faster and stop sooner, keeping your college student safe. 

2. Roadside Emergency Kit 

This kit is another very important accessory for your grad. With over 110 resources commonly found in emergency kits, this kit combines two auto kits to provide immediate assistance if your student becomes stranded – it is everything they will need until help arrives. The kit conveniently comes in a durable poly-canvas duffel bag with room to add your own items if you’d like.

3. Smartphone Car Air Vent/Mount Holder

Keeping both hands on the wheel ensures safer driving by your grad. This universal phone mount holder is compatible with most cell phones. The mount installs simply and allows you to single-handedly operate your device as needed.

4. Portable, Collapsable Trash Can

Your grad’s room could be a disaster, but their car doesn’t need to be. In order to keep additional accessories (like fast food wrappers) at bay, snag this portable trash can that collapses for space-saving convenience. This cool can also comes with a hook and buckle that offers height adjustable when hanging this trash can in your car.

5. Trunk Storage Container

Help your grad stay organized while on the road with a trunk storage container. Our choice is this collapsible, multi-compartment container that can also be secured to the truck so items don’t slide around in route.

No matter where your recent grad is off to, giving them the tools they need on their adventures is key. By stocking their car with the top accessories for safety and convenience, you’ll have peace of mind while they are on the road. 

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