Summer Travel Tips

Summer Travel Tips

Summer vacation plans are underway! Pandemic restrictions are slowly lifting and many are starting to travel once again. As you finalize your packing and preparation, don’t forget to take care of your automobile and make note of driving safety tips. This planning will save you time and headaches during your fun travels. 

Know Your Vehicle

Before your travels begin, be sure to check for recalls that will need to be repaired. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) has a helpful tool to learn if your vehicle has an outstanding recall. Simply enter your Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) at

Car Service

Maintaining your vehicle with regular service – oil changes, battery checks, and tire rotations – will help prevent many breakdowns. These regular visits will keep your vehicle in good condition for travel. Before you travel, schedule a preventative maintenance checkup at your local mechanic.

Install Impulse

Protecting your loved ones on the road is top priority for a wonderful vacation. Before hitting the road, install Impulse – the world’s first collision alert system for the driver behind you. The motion sensor activates the ultra-bright, pulsing LEDs that make drivers react up to 50% faster. The patented technology is completely wire-free. Simply stick Impulse to your rear window.

Traveling With Family

Trips are great for making family memories. Are the kids going along on this trip? Make sure to always use proper safety restraints for the smaller trip goers. Stocking the car with a cooler filled with healthy snacks – fruits, nuts, and granola – and water will keep bellies happy too.

Road trips are an amazing opportunity for teaching young drivers about safe driving too.  

Pack an Emergency Kit

Planning for emergency situations is one of the last things on your mind while thinking about vacation. Have a “just in case” emergency kit in your car that includes:

• Jumper cables

• Flashlight

• Spare tire

• Gloves, blankets, and towels

• First aid kit

• Cell phone charger

• Extra water bottles

Summer travel is an adventure. By taking the time to prepare for your upcoming trip, you’ll save time, energy and heartache along the way. From all of us at FrontLane, safe travels. Always.

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