Behind the Scenes with FrontLane, SEMA Launchpad Winner

Behind the Scenes with FrontLane,
SEMA Launchpad Winner

FrontLane creates innovative technology for the most important challenges on the road with our two collision system products leading the way – Tailbone and Impulse.

In Fall 2020, Impulse, the consumer-focused collision alert system, was crowned as the SEMA Launchpad winner. But before the achievement, there was a lot of planning and building. Step behind the scenes with us as we visit the early days of FrontLane. 

FrontLane was founded in 2015 in Cambridge, Massachusetts by Roland Hence, Renald Cuko and Jack Begaj. These three friends wanted to utilize their backgrounds in Stanford engineering, venture capital, and sales to create and promote life-saving technology. As all start-ups, FrontLane began by raising funds to build the first product – Impulse. Through manufacturing partners and investors, FrontLane was able to gather enough financial support to begin production on the first units. This launch brought FrontLane into the spotlight.

Named Start-up Standout by Biz Wire TV and featured on ABC, FrontLane found success in developing strong investor and manufacturer relationships. As growth continued, participating in SEMA Launchpad was a natural fit. Sharing products and goals with the powerful connections at SEMA Launchpad was key and allowed FrontLane to develop additional relationships in the industry. 

Achieving the success of being crowned the 2020 SEMA Launchpad winner was a catalyst for FrontLane that allowed development and production of the second product – Tailbone – to begin. In addition, the award-winning design of Impulse was noticed by Walmart and is now available for purchase in their online catalog.

FrontLane is far from finished. This powerful team has now grown to 14 and boasts experience in engineering and production to marketing and investments. The motto of “Safety first. Always.” continues to ring true in all of their work – the projects completed and those still to come.

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