Distracted Driving Tips for Teens & Parents

Distracted Driving Tips for Teens & Parents

According to the CDC, motor vehicle crashes are the second leading cause of death for U.S. teens. These statistics are chilling for parents and community members alike, especially when many of these crashes could have been prevented.

Prevention of motor vehicle accidents begins with education. By understanding the importance of safe driving teens and parents alike will have a safer experience behind the wheel. 

Be the Example Your Teen Needs.

Lead by example and never drive distracted. If you refrain from using your cell phone while driving, wear your seat belt and follow the rules of the road, your teen will do the same. Sharing important information and statistics with your teen about distracted driving along with reminding them of the responsibilities that come with driving is key. Empower them to keep themselves and others safe on the road.

Share Your Habits with Friends.

Just because you’re young doesn’t mean you cannot impact those around you. Teen drivers are the best messengers to reach their peers. Speak up when you see others driving distracted. Using social media to remind friends, family, and neighbors to make smart and safe decisions behind the wheel will save someone’s life. Keep your eyes on the road and your mind focused.

Enter Impulse

Not all accidents can be prevented by your driving. Other drivers are often distracted as well. In order to protect yourself and your loved ones from potential accidents, you must get their attention quickly. Enter Impulse – the first collision alert system for the driver behind you. The ultra-bright, pulsing LEDs are activated on hard braking and signal the driver behind you allowing them to react up to 50% faster.
While there is no way to prevent every rear-end collision, following our tips and installing Impulse can reduce these accidents drastically. To learn more about Impulse and how to purchase, visit frontlane.com/impulse.

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